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Flavor 85: Take Your Pills, Psychopath! Episode 1: All Things Mentally Ill

Take Your Pills, Psychopath! is a comedy podcast that delves deep into the gnarly, misunderstood, painful hellscape of mental illness and boldly laughs in its face. Host John F. O'Donnell (Redacted Tonight, Comedy Central, Bipolar 1 Disorder) aims to bring together a supportive community of people dealing with mental health issues, i.e. Psychopaths, who can motivate each other to proactively take responsibility as best we can for our mental illness, i.e. to figuratively or literally Take our pills. This is the maiden voyage of John F. O'Donnell's new podcast. It's a comedic deep dive into the land of all things mentally ill. This episode's topics include the Hindu lady's 50th birthday party that a manic John attended uninvited, what it's like to deal with being on psychotropic medication, and the desire to create a healing, destigmatized community for all the Psychopaths out there. December 9, 2019
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