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CHU 59: Jiffy Chu

In this post-camping episode, the gang tries to figure out what Fun is and whether or not Chu actually enjoys it. We also talked about gay hookup culture, the conclusion to The King of Everything, and hurricane defense tactics. For the main episode to dissect, Newsy chose to celebrate the recently departed Diane O’Debra. 347: A Simpler Time 807: Learning in Moderation 1042: Better Than You w/ Marc Maron 1253: Do The Evolution w/ Myka Fox 2244: Your Brain on Drugs w/ Danny Hatch and Rosa 2471: Gun Shy w/ Danny Hatch and Libby Phillips 2714: It Was Bad w/ Tyler Snodgrass and Danii Gallegos 3151: Hustlers w/ Bianca Brady September 15, 2021


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