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CHU 145: Sever That!

It’s Chemda’s final Chu & A! Boy am I gonna miss all that free therapy! We started and ended the show with laughs, so hold onto your tears, cause they have no place here! In this episode we discuss body odor, anxiety, workplace interactions, taking a break, contracts, Oscars, parties, food habits, roommates, drugs, websites, and comics. Episodes discussed: 228: Crime and Punishment 677: Break Time w/ Emily Epstein 908: Keith and The Girls w/ Ray DeVito, Hennessy, and Dina 1541: Oscar De La Snora 1734: Stay in School w/ Liz Miele 1932: Art $tar w/ Michael Khalili, Marisela, and Hennessy 2579: Here Comes Oscar w/ Hollis James and Emily Owens 2817: Numbnuts w/ Yedoye Travis 3635: O.P.P.: Other People's Phalluses February 27, 2024


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