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Reena Calm

Comedian featured in the Limestone Comedy Festival
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KATG 3775: 2024 24-Hour Marathon: The Homestretch w/ Jimmy Pardo, Reena Calm, Christi Somers (???), Hope Dobrzynski, and Lucie Pohl

Hour 22: The big news of the now: The Dad Emails book and Chemda leaving Keith and The Girl! Also: Reena Calm! Jimmy Pardo caught his dad fucking! Christi Chiello is now Christi Somers! Hope Dobrzynski! Everything moving too much too fast! Lucie Pohl! February 9, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Jimmy Pardo and Reena Calm figure out and discuss toxic family members. GET THE BOOK!
  • — Jimmy Pardo sees his dad having sex
  • — Christi Somers, nĂ© Chiello
  • — Chemda leaving Keith and The Girl
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