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Erin Maguire

Hilarious comedian with her album Baseline Presentable and her podcast Dear Pod
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KATG 3665: Really Sick Shit w/ Erin Maguire

Erin Maguire joins KATG to help discuss Nazi neighbors, The Coronation of King Charles III, and accused sexual assaulter Richard Dreyfuss condemning the woke Academy Awards for being anti-blackface. May 9, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Huge Erin Maguire as Little Orphan Annie
  • — KATG listener letters and having Nazis as apartment neighbors
  • — The Coronation of King Charles III
  • — Accused sexual assaulter Richard Dryfuss condemns the woke Academy Awards for being anti-blackface


Erin MaguireErin Maguire

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