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Join us as we talk with comics about current events, pop culture, politics and even intimate details of our lives. We create a new hour-long show each weekday and post on this website and on iTunes.

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3481: We Can Laugh About It Now w/ Jackie Kashian

The great Jackie Kashian returns to KATG to fill us in on the behind-the-scenes parts of the stories she’s told in stand-up over the last 35 years, including her dad and moms, her 5 siblings and their dynamic, kids, and sex talk both good and horrific. December 6, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Man goes for karaoke high note and collapses his lung
  • — Jackie Kashian talks about the stories behind her stand-up
  • — Sex/virginity
  • — Family
  • — (Not) having children

3480: The Bleachers w/ Calvin Cato

KATG favorite Calvin Cato joins KATG to help celebrate the latest KATG Kickstarter. IT’S THE FINAL HOURS! Together they discuss a listener’s letter, if Chemda has always been filled with kindness and warmth, her birthday demands, and Calvin’s loving relationship of over a year. Calvin dishes on performing stand-up on a gay cruise while Keith reminisces on the time his Dad caught him with porn. The trio also discusses COVID in regards to NYC’s transit authority and how to properly grease workers. December 3, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Spider-Man: Far From Home tickets sell for $10,000
  • — Listener email thanks Chemda for being so kind and warm, and Keith for something too probably
  • — Calvin’s boyfriend and freedom
  • — A young Keith who didn’t know about masturbation is caught with porn
  • — NYC’S MTA will spend $100,000,000 on COVID testing over the next year on unvaccinated employees
  • — How to grease workers


Calvin CatoCalvin Cato

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