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3546: Snoop Doggin’

Keith and Chemda are here with you to discuss a listener letter regarding confronting a potential cheater as well as covering your behavior as a Devil’s advocate, the nation’s shocking thoughts on mass shootings, and the power to compare anything to anything. June 6, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — Lister email on confronting a potential cheater and child rapist’s lawyers
  • — KATG Polls and what can be done about mass shootings
  • — A Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant that encourages its patrons to lick its walls of Himalayan salt
  • — Army vet received $245,000 from Veterans Affairs by claiming he couldn’t lift 10 pounds only to later post pictures on social media of him weightlifting
  • — Neve Campbell reportedly won’t be back for Scream 6 due to failed salary negotiations
  • — A 48-year-old in Scotland successfully underwent the world’s first double hand transplant


The documentary Idle Hands
The documentary Idle Hands
Strawberries and bananas
Strawberries and bananas

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